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Metcalfe's Skinny Corncakes

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In the past week I have been getting bored of the same old food so as you can tell I have been venturing the shops for alternative 'naughties' to snack on.

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I was in Sainsbury's and I found these Skinny Corncakes on offer for £1 (usually £1.50), these are where the rice cakes are kept. Just a little bit of advice, you don't have to stick to the gluten free isle to find things to eat, a lot of the time you can find these products in the 'normal' part of the shop cheaper!

Of course I checked the back and the common allergy section and they contain soya but may contain milk and nuts, this means that they should be 100% gluten free for all of you that can't eat things that have been made in the same factory that handles gluten, I'm fortune enough to not be affected by 'may contains' anyway.

The only way to describe these are like popcorn squashed into snack-a-jack form! The best thing I found is that I find rice cakes can be quite dry without thick creamy topping, where these were not like this due to being made using popcorn.

The chocolate tastes high quality on both the dark and milk varieties and even better they feel like they are 'bad' but they are only 118 calories a bag and they will be full of fibre because of the popcorn, which is important on a gluten free diet where grains tend to be swapped for rice.


  • They taste naughty but it's more nutritious than eating a chocolate bar!
  • The price is good for what you get, it took me the whole day to snack through these!
  • The texture and flavour compliment one another.
  • they are easy to take on the go

  • They are only available in Sainsbury's according to mysupermarket
  • You have to buy them individually, there is no multipack option 

Overall I think these are a great snack for on the go or in your handbag, they taste amazing and I would really recommend trying them!

Hannah x 

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