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What I've used up - April

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This month I have been successful at using up some more little bits and pieces in my beauty collection, I have found this process very therapeutic surprisingly! Each time I use something up I throw it into my little basket and watching the basket fill up is very rewarding!

So this month I have used up:

Lancome - Bi Facil
Yet again I have used up another one of this and I am beginning to really enjoy this product, I have still been using it all over my face to remove makeup before I start to wash my face, it is very effective in removing makeup and I have found it makes washing my face much much quicker! Always a plus when you are tired!

Lancome - Hydra Zen Nuit
This is a sample size of the product which came in a reduced christmas gift set, this is not too thick unlike other night cream which have been too heavy even for my dry skin. I found that this product was not oily like many night creams I have tried, which lead me to use normal face creams at night, but this may have just converted me!

l'oreal - Elnett
What can I say this product is my favourite hairspray, it holds and doesn't look crispy, it is also easy to hold and spray, which was in issue I had with tresemme, although I love their formula I like to buy the largest bottles and I found it hard to hold. The other advantage of the elnett is that the spray gives an even light mist and covers well.

Sainsburys - Extra strong nail polish remover
This nail polish is pretty cheap and takes polish off in a single wipe (unless it's glitter, nothing gets glitter off easy!) I find that I don't have to scrub my nails for ages and I feel this means my nails do not get as damaged as they do when I use other polish removers. It does take a little while to get glitter off but if you hold the saturated cotton round onto your nail for a few seconds, I find that does the trick!

Lush Snow fairy shower gel and The Body Shop raspberry shower gel
Sorry I forgot to take photos again! Shower gel is very hard to remember to take out the bathroom and not just throw! But I used up another small bottle of snow fairy as well as The body shop raspberry shower gel which was taken out my stash to use up now they have made it permanent!

I didn't use up as much as I did last month, I haven't had much time for baths and moisturising so I will woking on using all those bits up!

What have you used up?

Hannah x

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