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Kelkin Teacakes

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Today I was walking through Sainsburys and found Kelkin has teacakes. I have always loved teacakes so when I saw them I had a little shriek of joy!

The box contains 6 teacakes and was £3.50 (they are £3.70 elsewhere) which I feel is quite expensive! But when you open the box the teacakes are huge! There is a thick layer of biscuit under a large marshmallow which is covered in chocolate. 

The biscuit has a very crumbly texture but does not have a dry feeling in the mouth, the marshmallow is the typical tacky marshmallow that you would find in a teacake, which may be why it does not feel dry, then there is a thin layer of chocolate coating the teacake!


  • The teacakes are very large
  • Flavours are very accurate to a regular teacake
  • The pack size is not to big or small
  • Textures compliment one another well


  • The price leads them to be a 'occasional treat' product 
  • They are hard to find, I've only found them in large stores.

Overall I feel that this product has a great taste and texture I only wish it was a little more accessible and that the price was a little less, but I love the most important thing about this product, the taste! So I would definitely buy them again!

Hannah x

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