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Kini-Toos - Gluten Free Oreos!

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Who doesn't like Oreos? I have yet to meet somebody who doesn't like these rich chocolatey biscuits with the white creamy filling. So I 100% know your pain when you are told, or discover you have to transition to a gluten free diet and you see your beloved Oreos walk out of your life! Luckily, more and more people have been trying to produce replica sandwich cookies for us, Udis and Schar have jumped on this in the UK market. When I was looking for the white Oreo style biscuits that I had seen in Yorica! I found Kinnikinnick did both versions, so I thought I'd give them both a go!

Kini-Toos come in very large packs with around 18 biscuits in each. Retailing on Amazon for £5.60, they are no cheaper than the Udis ones gram for gram, but they do come in larger pack so if you are baking, they may be a better option for some recipes. Being free of gluten, egg, dairy and nuts, these biscuits are suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike and so would be perfect for parties and buffets where allergens are an issue as there is none of the major ones in this product!

A recommended portion size is 3 biscuits which works out to be around 150 calories. I have tended to have two as a portion as this way it's a 100 calorie sweet treat, ideal for lunch boxes or throw a in your handbag snack!

Flavour wise and texturally I am not sure how to describe these as they are the same as the Oreos I remember. James eats regular Oreos all the time and agrees that there is barely any difference! Result for us free fromers! The biscuit itself is that hard dry consistency with the rich cocoa flavour and good snap, iconic to the mainstream equivalent. The vivid white thick cream filling is also slightly vanilla flavoured and perfectly portioned to what you would expect.

I think this is a fantastic product and I will certainly buy more if I can find them on Amazon still!

Hannah x

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  1. Thanks Hannah, very useful
    They do a great ginger biscuit and the biscuit crumb is great for cheesecake bases!
    All the best