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Honeybuns Haul

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Friday was pay day, so I thought I would treat myself to a new gluten free cook book to add to my growing collection! Cook books are something I find very relaxing to flick through, although I always seem to get a little hungry afterwards! I have several lovely cook books that have been gifted to me over the years, but have only ever purchased two myself and so thought "Why not?".

I have had my eye on the Honeybuns cook book for some time so I thought this would be a good one to invest in next. As I was browsing the Honeybuns site I saw that they have a baker's gift bag which consists of a Honeybuns bag, tea towel, cake mix and of course the cook book. James and I are currently looking at buying a house so when I saw the tea towel it spoke to me, I needed it for my future kitchen! I just had to have the whole set, I need another hessian bag like a hole in the head, but I just couldn't resist!

Retailing at £28 this is a lovely gift (even if, like me, you gift it to yourself!). It arrived beautifully packaged with ribbon and twine, it honestly was any crafters dream! You could easily have this delivered straight to a friend without doing anything to it yourself as it is so stunning!

I still have some fresh cakes I am trying to get through so I tried to refrain from ordering more of their scrumptious cakes. As you can guess, I caved slightly and ordered myself a Triple Chocolate Tinker Cookie as I think it's one of the only things from their range I have yet to try. As they are only £1.50 I thought why not!

Honeybuns is a company I love to support as not only are all their products the best quality cakes I have eaten, they are also a true small business, with a fantastic ethos. Coming from a family of small business owners and being one myself too, I feel it's important to support independent businesses when you can! I will certainly review the cookie, cake mix and cookbook soon, I just can't wait to take the pictures for this post so I can open it all properly!

Hannah x

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  1. I absolutely love HoneyBuns! They sell the GF brownies in one of my uni shops and they are devine!!

    1. Aren't they fab! If you order online I'd recommend the Almond moon, Congo bar and Heathcliff brownie, they're all amazing! Also shipping is free on orders over £25 and the cakes can be frozen, which I also love!