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Morrisons Gluten Free Haul

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Thursday I left work early to pick up some food to do some baking with our Youth Club that evening. I took the opportunity to travel over to the largest Morrisons I know of which is a ridiculous distance away, in search for No.G!

There was a range of the pies and the chocolate tart in the free from fridge, I was hoping for some of their sausage rolls, but there were none to be found! Although there were some lovely bits, I only picked up a couple as they are fresh, I want to eat them as soon as possible!

I have tried the sausage rolls, pork pies and vegetable quiche from No.G so finding the range of pies meant I have something new to try! The first thing I chose was the open top vegetable pie. On a similar vain to the quiche but deeper filled and with what seemed to be a different pastry, this is a unique and interesting concept in the free from range. Retailing at £2.47 for a singular portion, these are pricier than the mainstream equivalent, but from past experience they are worth it as the ingredients are high quality!

I also purchased a chicken, bacon and leek pie which also retailed at £2.47 for a single size pie. I have tried the Genius pies in the past and I have really enjoyed them. No.G differs in the fact there is more than one flavour combined in the pie and a considerable amount more option compared to the chicken or steak version from genius. They are much more comparable to fish and chip shop classics.

I also found a Genius seeded loaf reduced to 99p, I couldn't pass this up and is tucked away in the freezer!

Have you seen the increased free from range in Morrisons? Have you been impressed, mine even had a gluten free black pudding and a range of desserts in their free from fridge!

Hannah x

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  1. The sausage rolls are so hard to find anywhere!

    1. I've been finding that too! I think I may try an Ocado order as they seem to be in stock with them!