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Yorica! Launch

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Tuesday was the day before Yorica! were opening their doors for the first time in Soho, London. There has been a lot of hype online for the completely free from sweet treat store so we couldn't pass the opportunity to visit their launch evening when the invite hit my inbox!

In the heart of London, this fresh faced ice-cream store with a difference is bright and airy which would be a fabulous place to meet friends for a catch up with a sweet treat! You can find Yorica! at 130 Wardour Street. Noticeable by its cream and blue very hippy feeling interior, it oosed similarities to my favourite clothing store, Fat Face, in its laid back feel and embracing personality. The whole shop had such a fabulously friendly atmosphere.

Yorica! offer such a wide range of ice creams and shakes, which can be served either hot or cold. There are almost no allergens present in their products which was a freedom that I have never experienced before! I could happily pick anything I wanted, from cookies and cream ice-cream to a cone and all the biscuity toppings I could possibly squeeze on the top, knowing that I could eat it all!

Yorica! pride themselves in being egg, dairy, gluten and nut free and are also vegan, the only allergen contained was soy. The base product fundamentally is coconut, all of the ice-creams and whipped cream topping have been produced from a coconut base with flavourings added to this. There was a range of fruit ice-creams and sorbets as well as your traditional flavours of ice cream such as vanilla and chocolate. Toppings were also varied ranging from healthy fruits to cookies and gummy bears. There is really something for everyone!

As you all know James isn't intolerant or allergic to anything, so it was great to take him to give an opinion based on what he typically eats. He really enjoyed everything and said that there was no difference in most of the products he tried!

The highlights for me were:

  • The cookies and cream ice-cream
  • No nut peanut butter ice-cream, you all know how I feel about peanut butter! 
  • The biscuits toppings in genreal, the Oreo style biscuit was amazing! 
  • Gluten free ice-cream cones!
  • Lastly the blackcurrant shake!
James highlights were:

  • The Oreo style biscuits
  • The range of toppings

If you find yourself in London, you should really pop in to give some of their products a go. There are multiple sizes of tubs for ice-cream from mini to epic as well as large shakes for just over £4, it is very comparable to Starbucks in prices, but so much more nutritious and original! I would recommend the cookies and cream shake with cream and an Oreo on top just because it's gluten free and you can!

You can find Yorica! on Twitter and Instagram at @yoricamoments where they constantly upload mouthwatering pictures of their products! So why not take a look! 

I will certainly visit again when I find myself in London as it was such an amazing experience to know everything on the menu was 100% suitable for me!

Hannah x

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