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Feel Free Gluten Free Mini Donuts

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Today my prayers have been answered! I managed to get my hands on some gluten free doughnuts after months of looking! I ordered these from as my local store never had them in stock, and they arrived, not substituted!

If anybody knows me, they would know my ex-gluten free days consisted of a lot of doughnuts. There is something extremely comforting and homely about doughnuts, although jam were my favourite, I am more than happy to find any sort which are suitable for my needs now!

These Feel Free mini ring doughnuts retail for a mere £1.50 per 10, although I did receive 12 in my box for some reason! But I'm certainly not complaining! With around 4 servings per box, this makes for a very cheap snack or dessert, and due to being frozen, they keep much better than any fresh cakes and confectionary would! 

Following the basic instructions on the box, these doughnuts turn out amazingly well. All that is required is to leave out in room temperature for 30 minutes and then microwave for 20 seconds to make them truly authentic warm seaside style doughnuts! If you were to make 4 servings from one box it'll be around 270 calories, which for a sweet treat isn't too bad, I've certainly drunk coffees more calorific!

Texturally, these doughnuts are quite light, spongy and soft. The structure holds itself well, particularly if you give them a couple of seconds to cool before picking them up straight way, or you can squish them a little! The air pockets are very constant and very comparable to holes in a thick chocolate mousse, small but well dispersed. 

Flavour wise, these instantly took me back four years or so when I could eat doughnuts, they seem perfect to me. Sweet and doughy, that unmistakeable doughnut flavour hit me and I honestly wanted to eat the whole box. Where they are plain they are fantastic to dip in Nutella or any other chocolate sauce. 

Being the most satisfying product I have tried in a long time, due to being so hard to find and so desperately wanted, I was very pleased it didn't disappoint! This is a product I would recommend to everyone, perfect to store in the freezer, this family friendly snack will suit all ages!  

Hannah x  

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