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Schar Gluten Free - Pretzels

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A couple of months back we were inundated with Schar coupons, both online and in the post, so I took advantage! Their pretzels ended up not costing me a thing so I got a couple of bags! I thought I would do a mini review on them today. As they are pretzels, there isn't too much to say as they are not full of different elements and flavours. But at the same time it's always good to see what others thought of a product, no matter how basic it is!

A 60g bag retails at £1 which I think is quite reasonable as you could serve these as a pre dinner nibble or even eat the whole thing in one sitting without feeling you've spent a fortune! I find I get around three servings from one bag as a snack, this way I can eat a few different things and not get bored! A bag contains 289 calories so is not too caloric for a bread based product.

Being egg, dairy, lactose and gluten free, this a a product suitable to the masses. It does contain soy  and there is risk of sesame contamination so just be aware of that. There is also no mention of nuts on the packaging or on their website so this may be a product for nut suffers too, as there is no may contain warning or a made in a factory that handles nuts warning, but of course use your own judgement and what you feel comfortable with, but on the whole everyone can enjoy these alike!

My personal favourite thing about these pretzels is the salt content, it is distributed quite unevenly, which I find enjoyable as I love finding the super salty ones and waiting to have them last! I just think pretzels are quite a fun snack in general and for some reason remind me of being on summer holiday as a child.

With a great snap and a crisp crunch, these glossy coasted snacks are very morish! The texture is very similar to a bread stick, making them quite a dry consistency. Although I should highlight that in a whole bag there is 13g of fat, so should not be part of your daily diet. But are fab for a savoury treat.

Taste wise they are no different to what I remember from the mainstream equivalent, I always find that pretzels are slightly sweet due to the glaze, yet then have a salty kick and would be a fantastic edition to a buffet or something to pop in a little pot in a lunchbox for all ages. They are versatile in this respect as they are not a strong flavour and can be universally loved. You could even dip them in something if you like, a peanut butter/satay style dip or sour cream are my favourites!

Being available in more supermarkets than most free from products, you should be able to find these in your local store with no trouble, which is fantastic. Availability of products is what I feel lets products down the most, although I happily order online. I know many can't or won't, or even just purely forget that there is more around than what is in our supermarkets.

I would love to know if you have tried these and what you think!

Hannah x

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