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Kinnikinnick Haul

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After having vanilla Oreo style biscuits at Yorica! I set it my personal mission to find ones that are accessible in the UK. I wasn't having much luck until Kinnikinnick popped up in my searches, however I couldn't find any UK stockists, until I hit amazon that was! However Amazon had them as add on products so I had to order £20 worth, which really isn't much when it comes to gluten free foods.

I am tempted to say that although I have not tried these yet, they maybe the brand or a similar brand that stocks Yorica! themselves, as they also had animal biscuits in chocolate and vanilla, much like they did in the store!

So here's what I got!

Kini-Toos Chocolate cookies 220g - £5.60
This bag is nice and large and hopefully are similar to ones I have tried before. I love the Udis ones but without opening the pack these are already seeming to be comparble in price to the udis, both working out to be £2.34-£2.54 per 100g. With these ones being slightly more expensive.

Kini-Toos Vanilla Cookies 220g - £5.60
Being the whole reason for the order, I have high hopes for these cookies! Again at just over the £5.50 mark, none of these items are cheap, but they have been imported so I guess it's the best price I will get them for! Comparing gluten free food to the supermarket counterpart isn't always a fair judgement when they have a much larger buying power.

Chocolate Animal cookies - £5.05
These were purchased to see if they compare to the ones I tried in Yorica! Also I haven't seen the outback animal cookies I used to love for ages in the store and as I had to get my order up to £20, I thought I would give these ones a go!

Chocolate Chip cookies - £5.15
A complete impluse purchase and I have no idea what to expect from this product, being Canadian I have them envisioned in my mind as being quite small but very thick. If this is the case and the taste and textural composition of this cookie is wonderful, I will be over the moon!

I would love to know if you would try these products, or if you have ordered anything online that we can't get here! Since looking on their site Kinnikinnick have so many more products I want to get my hands on, but have yet to find!

Hannah x

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