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Mrs Crimbles Classic Madeleines*

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I'm slowly working through the lovely birthday hamper Mrs Crimbles sent to me, I thought I would review one of my favourite items, it's taken so long as I just had to try every one in the pack to make sure I definitely loved them before reviewing... Honest!

From what I believe this item can only be ordered online from Mrs Crimbles, but they have redesigned their website in the last couple of weeks and I cannot see where you would order them from, so I'm just hoping the face lift has meant that they have had to take the store down temporarily and that it's not gone forever!

I feel these retailed at around £2.50-£3 for a pack of 6, but as I cannot access the online store, don't quote me on that one! Each Madeleine is around 130 calories, so a perfect portioned sweet treat!

If vanilla is your thing, you'd love these! I absolutely love vanilla, it's my flavour shot of choice in coffee, my favourite yoghurt flavour and even my favourite shower gel scent (don't worry I don't eat shower gel!) I don't know how they have done it without affecting the integrity of the texture, but these are unmistakably vanilla flavoured, incredibly strong and stands out, without being over powering.

Super soft and squishy, this is an unusual texture to achieve in gluten free baking. Representative of mainstream versions, this light, foamy, fluffy textured clam shell shaped sponge has the little central rise and a light thin buttery film coating, adding to it's authenticity to the mainstream counterpart.

Perfect for children I think this smaller portioned, light and soft cake would be great for toddlers and those just starting out with food as well as us adults, as they are buttery and melt in the mouth, making them easy to chew as they fall apart beautifully.

I find these are the perfect lunch box treat as they are not too calorific but at the same time really hit the spot when trying to satisfy your sweet tooth.

I would love to know if you have tried these and what you think!

Hannah x

*This product was sent to me to try, all opinions are my own.

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