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Honeybuns Bakery - Triple Tinker Cookie

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Earlier in the month I treated myself to a Honeybuns order. Within this order I chose a triple tinker cookie as I have never tried one before and thought it was about time I gave one a go!

Retailing at under £2 per cookie, these are quite large and fantastic value. The thing I love about Honeybuns is the variety of sizes they do their products in, allowing them to be much more affordable. Being sold singularly you can also buy a good selection of cakes to try what you want to without paying extortionate amounts of money or having enough food to feed a whole school!

At 250 calories a cookie this is quite calorific so it is just as well they are sold singularly! It also makes them feel like much more of a treat. Unlike many free from cookies I have tried, this cookie is very soft and chewy and has quite a rich flavour. Don't be mistaken into thinking that this cookie would be suitable for children, this bitter cookie, with a coffee twang is much more of a big kids treat! ;)

Filled with large chocolate chunks, texturally this cookie is very different. Quite flexible and chewy, it really gets your jaw working! With creamy hits of decadent milk chocolate, it's simply sensational!

would love to see bitesize versions of this product. I recently bought The Foods of Athenry cookie shots and I love how I can space these over the day and feel I am having lots of treats for little calories, as I am a snacker having them spaced makes me less likely to binge on a lot of calories in one day!

Another hit from Honeybuns for me! Not that I have found any misses yet! The only drawback I have ever found to Honeybuns is their availability, although available online with fantastic delivery options and the ability to freeze most products, it's only really an issue when I have a sudden craving!

I would love to know if you have tried this cookie and what you thought of it!

Hannah x

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