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Holland & Barrett Haul

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I received my Holland and Barrett order today! I had to order some supplements, but as free delivery is applied to any order over £20, I thought I would make the most of it. There have been a couple of items I have been desperate to try, so I thought why not!

The first is the Meridian Yeast extract. I have previously seen this in store, but I thought it was quite large and I wanted to try a smaller jar before buying the larger sized ones. Unfortunately when I tweeted Meridian they told me that this is the only size that they do, so I thought I would just take the plunge and if I don't like it, I will try and gift it to someone who does! This 340g jar retailed at £3.99.

The next item I purchased is the Foods of Athenry cookie shots,  I have been wanting to try these for such a long time, but they never seem to be in my local stores. Being gluten, wheat and dairy free these cookies are vegan. At only 18 calories per cookie, these are a perfect little treat. This 120g bag retails at £2.99

I then received a free 1kg bag of peanuts because I ordered more than £10. I am not sure if the code is still valid but incase it is, all you need to pop in the code section is FREENUTS.

Have you placed an order with Holland and Barrett recently? I'd love to know what you got!

Hannah x

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