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What's in my Snackly Box? - October 2015

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It's that time again, where I share all the goodies that arrived in my snackly box. This month is a little different as the price has been reduced by £1 and we get one less snack. This is to make way for their new service which means you can choose to have your snack box weekly! I think I will still stick to monthly as I don't think I would get through them fast enough, but if there is a few of you sharing the box, I think it's perfect!

So what was in this months box?

Beech's - Anglesey Sea Salt Chocolate - RRP £1.75
I got one of these in a box a few months ago, but I saved it to take on holiday. It actually came home unopened so I now have two of these to dig into! A whole bar is 334 calories, so although looking large it isn't so much difference to a bar like a snickers.

Beyond Dark - Moments of Pleasure - RRP 95p
70% dark chocolate with a hint of orange, these chocolate drops are gluten, wheat, dairy and nut free. 189 calories for the whole bag is one portion size, I think I would split this down into two portions as that is a lot of dark chocolate in one go! I love orange chocolate so I can't wait to try these!

Kent & Fraser - Spicy Ginger Cookies - RRP £2.25 Full Box
We have had these in our box before, they were delicious! Good amount of ginger but not too spicy, so I am looking forward to having these again!

Sassy's Red Velvet - Cashew, Coconut and Pomegranate - RRP £2.25
Something completely new in the box, this 'cake' has no added sugar and is vegan, wheat and gluten free, as well as raw. The only ingredients are cashew nuts, dates, desiccated coconut, beetroot powder, raspberry powder and pomegranate powder. This makes me think that it's be very similar to a Nakd bar. The whole bar is 205 calories.

The Protein Ball Co. - Peanut Butter - RRP £1.69
Made out of dates, date syrup, dried egg white, peanuts and peanut butter, these make a very natural protein snack. This snack is gluten free, no dairy, vegetarian, wheat free, all natural, no GMO's, no soy and no added sugar. One pack contains 158 calories and has 20% of your daily intake of protein. I love peanut butter, so much so I have a jar in my desk, so these are so my kinda snack!

Teapigs - Apple & Cinnamon Tea - RRP £1.30
We also received a sample of a Teapigs tea, I have had the apple and cinnamon before and it is warm and autumnal, so perfect for the season! There is also a £5 discount code on the card!

I would love to know what you got in your Snackly!

Hannah x

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