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Angelic Multi-seed Crackers*

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Some more savoury goodies I have been trying today! Angelic Multi-seed Crackers are one of the newer flavours in the range. With whole seeds, these crackers have a fibrous texture and a fresh flavour.

This one stop shop for egg, dairy and gluten free people alike, these crackers are only 88 calories a portion. Perfect for cheese, soups, creating 'snackables' and general eating as they are so plain in flavour!

The cracker itself it quite small, reminds me the size of a hair band, four do make a good sized portion. I find that there is a good amount of seeds in the cracker, but unlike some seedy crackers these hold their structure and haven't affected their integrity. Like all Angelic products these have the same crispy crunchy cracker texture which snaps fantastically but doesn't crumble. Slightly drier in texture but not overly so making them hard to eat.

The flavour itself is quite plain but the seeds add a touch of interest, making this the ideal cracker to have with almost anything as there is nothing powerful which would overpower or taste peculiar. I have had these with broccoli and stilton soup, cream cheese and tomato, salmon and Philadelphia and much more and each concoction has been better than the last. Even with just some butter is a fab snack!

Available in Holland and Barrett a box of crackers retails for £2.60 currently which is a fantastic deal as I get around 6 portions from one box I believe, so under 50p a portion! I would recommend trying these if you are looking for a plain cracker for everyday or even something ready for your Christmas cheese board as it's fast approaching!

Hannah x

*This product was gifted to me to try, all opinions are my own

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