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Udis - Cheddar and Garlic Bagel Chips

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After whats seems like months of searching, I finally found the Udis Cheddar and Garlic bagel chips on the Holland and Barrett website. I have had the plain ones for some time and really wanted to try the flavoured ones.

A box costs £3.50 and has 170g, which is a good amount of product, certainly enough to pop in a bowl for a sharing snack with some dips in front of a film! Free from what seems almost everything other than milk means that almost everyone can enjoy this snack.

The texture of the chips are the same as the plain variety, have a snap and very crunchy, very comparable to croutons in texture, just flat, not square! They would be perfect to dip in tomato soup too!

The flavouring is a dusting on the top of the chips so some are more coated than others, which is something I quite enjoy when it comes to crisps or chips, some full of flavour and some not so. The powder itself has a strong flavour and you can certainly tell there is garlic powder in the mix, the cheddar is present too but I tend to find the garlic as the more dominating flavour.

I find these store really well too in an airtight container so although they are perfect to share, it's so easy to portion them out and have the box to yourself!

As always my biggest complaint is this product was so hard to find, like many gluten free food I spend a lot of time looking for the products I want to try! I know not all retailers could stock every item but I wish when newer products are released stores could be more proactive in stocking them!

I would 100% recommend trying these if you can find them as they are a little different and great to dip into melted cheese, dips and soup!

Hannah x


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