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M&S Made Without Wheat - Honeycomb Crispy mini review

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For mini review Sunday M&S seem to have released a number of these snack bars in the last couple of weeks, from millionaires shortbread to brownies, my local store seems to be filled with them! They are even on 2 for £2!

Honeycomb always speaks to me and so I picked this up to try! I was most certainly not let down! Very much like a luxury version of a crispy cake, these bars have honeycomb which is very similar texture to what you would find in a crunchie. The bar had a good crunch overall and was not packed with hard to get through solid chocolate. Light and airy, this bar had not gone soggy or like a rock, which can be an issue with crispy cakes! There was a hint of caramel to this bar which added some extra interest. Described on the back of the pack as puffed rice and honeycomb covered in milk chocolate and caramel, topped with chocolate drizzle. Which really is all there is to say about this bar. That is exactly how it tastes.

This bar is surprisingly 237 calories, which I personally wouldn't expect from a crispy treat as they tend to be something you would give to children or something I would consider as a lighter cake option. With 22.3g of sugar  and 9.5g of fat in this bar alone, this is most certainly something you do not want to be eating daily, but is a fantastic Friday treat!

This bar does contain milk and soya, but seems to not contain egg, although not claiming to be egg free. It is also not suitable for nut allergy sufferers due to manufacturing methods.

A quick review to say as this product is quite simple, but delicious, I would recommend giving them a go. I am hoping that M&S may make these in the bitesize tubs like the millionaire's crispies as I think they will great on a buffet table and a treat not just us gluten free lot would enjoy! This way it would save me cutting up the bars!

Hannah x

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