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Nature's Store Swiss Chocolate Muesli

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Weekday breakfasts are always the hardest meal of the day I tend to wake up uninspired as to what I want as I know I have to rush out the door, rushing and eating isn't a combination I do well, particularly if I make something I want to share with you all, as I spend hours photographing them!

So when I saw Nature's Store Swiss Chocolate Muesli on The Witt Family's vlog quite some time ago I thought it would be something I would love to try to replace my usual boring toast. I had bought some bits in the past from Natures Store at the free from shows and a couple of bits in stores, but never actually saw the muesli. So when the free bag of corn rolls with an order started (which I LOVE) I thought why not order direct and shop the full range!

I always thought Muesli was oats, dried fruits, nuts and other grains so would be quite hard to achieve for the free from market. In fact this muesli is much more like a mixed cereal, and it's made up of what seems to be cornflakes, puffed rice and puffed oat with beautiful dark chocolate swirls interspersed through. Although this isn't what most would expect from a muesli, I have to admit it is the best breakfast cereal type product I think I have eaten since having to change my diet!

The ingredients itself state that there are only cornflakes, rice puffs, gluten free oat pops and swiss chocolate curl, which is fantastic as I can read all those ingredients and I know that there is nothing nasty in my cereal. It is also wheat, gluten and GM free. 

Here's the nutritional information:

per 100g : 
Energy : 491kJ/ 116 kcal
Protein : 2.0g
Carbohydrates : 24.1g
(of which are sugars) : 5.5g
Fat 1.0g
(of which are saturates) : 0.5g
Fibre : 1.0g
Sodium : 0.3g
believe a portion size was 30g which means depending on what type and how much milk you use this breakfast can be well under 100 calories so is great for those who like to have a smaller breakfast so you have plenty of calories for the day!
The flavour of this cereal is very much like if you were to mix cornflakes, puffed rice and sugar puffs together so is quite a plain taste but quite sweet. The welcome hit of dark chocolate is made more prominent because of this adds a richer undertone to the product. Formed into thin curls I feel also enhances the flavoursome chocolate as it snaps and then crumbles in the mouth. If you are the sort that like your milk turned chocolately by cereals, just be warned the milk doesn't take on the chocolate due to being such a dark and solid texture. 
I really enjoyed this cereal and would certainly buy it again and seems to be available in a variety of stores. Some actually have it cheaper than Nature's Store do on their site. I got mine for £2.99 online but do have it for £2.50 currently, which I think isn't too unreasonable as this is the typical price for free from cereals, so is what you tend to expect!
I also think this would be great to make crispy treats from making them by coating them in milk chocolate and one they have set dip one side in white melted chocolate, making a dip dye crispy bite, to give a twist to an old classic!
I would love to know what other quick breakfasts you enjoy. I think I may see what else Nature's Store have to offer!
Hannah x 

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