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Angelic Tomato & Mediterranean Herb Crackers*

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When I was at the free from show, there were so many new and interesting products to try. I have only just got around to opening these crackers! Crazy I know. I purposely try to get through things  in date order to prevent having too much open and things going bad before I had a chance to try.

I am quite glad I didn't open these earlier though as I know I am going to always have a box of these stashed in the cupboard now. Hands down these are the best free from crackers I have ever eaten by miles! Flavoursome and crisp, these crackers have the perfect combination!

Four crackers is considered to be a serving size, making a portion 85 calories. There is only 0.5g of fibre per serving so I would recommend having these with some fruit, veg or nuts to make the meal more wholesome in nutrients. Being gluten, dairy and egg free. These are perfect for a buffet table, particularly at Christmas. I always have a lot of festive cheeses (if that is a thing!) at Christmas as part of a buffet. These would be fantastic as so many people now have allergies. Being 100% natural too is something I like to look for, I can read all the ingredients and I think it is so important to know what you're eating. I am not against having sweet treats, but for my meals I do tend to like natural, clean foods.

Flavour wise, these crackers are one of the most unique in the free from market. For people who have not had Angelic before, this is now the product I recommend trying first. Using tomato paste and mixed herbs makes the flavours really make a stand on their own. I don't tend to just eat plain crakers, but with these I can. Although this week I have been eating them with an M&S cheese triangle and sliced cherry tomato. You must try it!

The texture is pretty consistent with all Angelic crackers, so you know what to expect. A drier, crisp consistency with a good snap. I don't always like to use the word 'dry' when taking about gluten free food as it brings to mind connotations of hard to eat, crumbly, stodgy food. This is not the case with these crackers, it is a crisp dry bake; not soggy or stale feeling, like the feel of some crackers I have tried.

I believe that these are available in Holland and Barrett, although I do recommend buying online as all of my local Holland and Barrett stores are small and only stock a tiny range. Also many health food stores stock them!

I would love to know what you tend to eat with crackers. Is it a strictly cheese and cracker relationship you have, or do you did them in soup like croutons or just eat them plain with butter?

Hannah x

*These products were gifted to my to try, all opinions are my own.

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