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We Went Pumpkin Picking!

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For months now we have been looking for something a bit different to do as I don't know about you but we always get caught up doing the same things, mainly shopping! I had been looking for local days out, such as pumpkin picking and when one of the girls that comes to the youth club where I work told me she had been to one just down the road I told James we just had to go!

So Sunday we popped on our boots and headed out to the pumpkin patch. We were there two hours looking through all the pumpkins looking for ones that had a charm to them or a little personality! We finally managed to find some we liked and I even picked up seven mini white ones to do as part of a Halloween craft at the Youth Club! All seven mini ones plus our three large pumpkins only cost us £7 and with free entry it's certainly the cheapest day out we have had in a while.

I am really hoping that my pumpkins will have enough to make some pumpkin soup for a future blog post this week. I did try to find quite heavy ones in hope that there would be more flesh in them! We will see!

All going well and if I have enough I will be popping a soup recipe up this week, if not I will show you what I do with my pumpkin anyway!

Hannah x

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