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M&S - Popcorn Bar Mini Review

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Popcorn covered in white chocolate? Yes please! New to my M&S store this week was this little beauty sporting a gluten free logo! This bar is caramel, white chocolate covered popcorn with milk chocolate laced over the top. As this is another gluten free product in the regular M&S range, I always recommend looking in there for a bit more unique or hard to find free from food. As there is not too much to say on this bar I thought I would do a mini review and bullet point my views!


  • This bar is 200 calories, so a perfect option if you are looking for a sweet treat but not go too overboard on calories! 
  • There isn't too much chocolate so it is fundamentally a popcorn bar, rather than a chocolate bar!
  • The white chocolate makes this bar much lighter in taste than milk chocolate would.
  • The bar is the normal snack sizes ones you find in M&S so you can feel you join in on cake day!
Would be even better if
  • If they sold them in multipacks, the same style you get KitKats or and cereal bars I would certainly buy them!
  • I think they would also be fantastic sold as squares with mix and match chocolate, for example white chocolate, laced with milk, milk laced with dark and dark laced with white. 
I hope you liked a different approach to a mini weekly review, I thought it would suit the style of post as I only have a quick hidden iPhone snap from work! 

Hannah x 

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