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What I ate Wednesday - Wellaby's Chips Review

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Back on a crisp theme today! I did tell you I was obsessed!

These are Hummus and Pita Chips from Wellaby's and I found these at the free from show. I have tried a bag of chip from this brand before and really did not enjoy them.

But I believe you should give second chances particularly as I have found that gluten free products are hard to get right and this could mean I'm missing out on something good just because I've had one bad experience.

I have one hit and one miss as far as I am concerned. But I think it is more the taste than the texture that I don't enjoy.

Hummus Chips - Kalamata Olives
Starting with the miss as I want to leave on a positive! These chips have a lovely crispy crunch and slightly saltiness which compliments the olives. But I just do not enjoy these, I really thought I would as I love olives but I do not like the aftertaste, it's not a unpleasnt taste, just not to my palette. The texture is great and I will try them dipped into something to see if that makes them more enjoyable. But I just don't think these are for me.

Pita Chips - Italian Herb
Now these are amazing! They are flavoured with the right amount of herbs, as they do not overpower the taste of the actual chip. They have a fresh crunch to them and I think they would also be good with a salsa!

These chips are 95 calories a bag and are gluten free, wheat free, MSG free, Non GMO and nut free! That is a whole lot of free! I got theses 4 for £1 at the show but I know they can be found in Sainsbury's and Amazon.


  • Good on the go bags
  • Under 100 calories for a snack
  • The Italian herbs is a great flavour!
  • They cater to many allergies
  • Not all flavours were to my taste 
  • They are hard to find in shops

If anyone has had some good chips recently? I would love to know!

Hannah x

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