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Money Saving Monday #5 - My little ways to save money!

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Saving money can be hard at the best of times, and with increasing costs it gets even harder. Here is a couple of tips and tricks I like to use!

Money Box
This may sound funny but all the pennies I find loose in my bags and pockets I put into a money box. Once it is full you won't believe how much is in there! Just pop that in the bank and I put it into my savings as it is money I otherwise would never knew I had so I won't miss it in my savings.

Putting Money into savings on pay day
I know this is harder for some people but as I do not own a house I have a high amount of disposable income because I have little bills, so half of my wages go into savings on payday. I know this is not possible for everyone but moving a set amount into your savings on pay day means that you won't spend it on thing you don't really need! I also put the 'left over' money if there is any into my savings the day before pay day so I doth spend that as well!

Its not a deal if you won't use it
It's great if something is of offer or reduced to clear, but if you don't use that item regularly, don't kid yourself, you won't use it, and this is just a waste.

Hunt around when shopping
You rarely need to pay full price for anything, use coupons, discount codes and shop around, if you are willing to wait you can always find a better deal.

I am a fan of high end makeup but I do use drugstore makeup and nail polishes too! These can be found in the pound shops, you guessed it for £1! In the past I have found Rimmel, OPI, China Glaze, Maybelline, Revlon plus many more! I also pick up so craft and home things in pound shops. But watch out some products are not a good deal!

Hannah x

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