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Using Baby Products For Beauty

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We all like to save a little here and there, this lead me to recently thinking about how expensive my skin care routine can be. I like to use face wipes to remove the main bulk of makeup before washing my face but at £2-£3 for a pack that doesn't upset my skin they are not the cheapest so I looked for alternatives.

I had seen many people use baby wipes but didn't realise how cheap they were. So I brought a pack of 65 Pampers wipes for 99p in Family Bargains as I was browsing just to give them a go. I used them and found them to do the same job as the makeup wipes I'd been using but at a fraction of the cost. My face did not feel tight or sting. One happy bunny here!

I found to buy a 4 pack of wipes (250 odd sheets) is about £5, which is a great saving considering you'd only get about 50 face wipes for this price!

I was lucky enough that they were on offer at Sainsbury's for £3.50 and I had a £1 off coupon from Caring Everyday. This lead it to only being £2.50! for two thirds of a years worth of face wipes for the price I would pay for a regular pack of 25 face wipes!

I also picked up a new 2 in 1 baby shampoo for my makeup brushes. I used this as it does not strip the hair but also makes them soft and smell amazing. The 500ml was on offer for £1.50 and I had a £1 off coupon reducing the bottle to only 50p!

Do you find things in the baby section for your beauty needs?

Hannah x

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