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What I ate Wednesday - Udis Chocolate & Toffee Muffins

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Today's What I ate wednesday Review consists of a product I found at the Free From Show recently. I have heard of Udis before and had some bread based products from them but I never knew they had such good Chocolate and Toffee Muffins!

I tried these for my breakfast, because lets face it breakfast isn't always fun and sometimes it has to be ready fast!

In a pack you get one chocolate muffin and one toffee, this allows you to have both flavours and not worry about them going off before you eat them all! I think this is a fantastic idea. The smart Udis worker who thought of this needs a prize!

I found that other than the flavour, both muffins had the same texture which was a pleasant surprise as in the past I have found even within the same brand the texture can vary quite a bit depending on the flavour of the baked goods.

The muffins were very fluffy and soft in texture, there was a slight oiliness to the muffins which left a light residue on my fingers, but nothing you wouldn't expect from a 'mainstream' muffin, and I find this is preferable to a dry cake.

I was most pleased that there was no odd aftertaste, cakes and biscuits I find are the most guilty for leaving an aftertaste, but this was not the case here.


  • These muffins only cost me £1 at the show!
  • Good flavour and texture
  • No odd aftertaste. 
  • Two flavours in one pack 


  • I have yet to find them in my local supermarkets so I may have to buy online!

Overall I think Udis have really hit the nail on its head with this product, the taste and texture is perfect and putting two flavours in one pack is genius as it allows for a bit more variation! Next time you see these in your local shop I would really recommend trying these!

Hannah x 

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