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Foodie Friday #3 - Angelic Ginger Crunch Cookies

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It's baking hot today in the UK so this weeks Foodie Friday I have kept well away from chocolate and anything that could get all melty!

So I opened my cookies I brought at the free from show. I was leaving these as long as possible because I love them and wanted to save them! Crazy I know!

I met the Angelic team at the Olympia show, they were lovely and spent a lot of time talking to James and I. It's good to find smaller brands in the gluten free market and when the people behind the brand are lovely, it just makes it even better!

When I brought these at the show it was mainly because James loved them, as James is not gluten free, he does not like anything gluten free that doesn't taste 100% 'normal' so I trust his opinion. I was getting excited about the savoury flavours but he said I had to buy these too, so I did.

I am so glad he did make me because now I want to try the other flavours!

These cookies have a good snap and a crunchy texture but they are not dry or stick in your mouth like bad gluten free cookies (you know the type I mean, the kind that give you a funny film feeling in your mouth and you have to drink something to clear it.) This made me extremely happy as ginger can be a dry flavour naturally.

The taste of these are great! Now if you don't like ginger you WILL NOT like these but as I love ginger, and I love these. They have a very strong ginger taste and leaves that wonderful tongue tingling after taste.


  • Great taste and texture 
  • Under 75 calories a cookie
  • The lady who runs Angelic is lovely!
  • Where they are a smaller brand they are harder to get hold of - you can order online. 

If I get hold of the other flavours I'll be sure to let you know what I think!

Hannah x 

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