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Foodie Friday! - Olympia Allergy and Free From Show

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So it is no longer Friday but I took the day off on Friday and James and I travelled down to London to go to this event for the first time!

I have never been to any type of food show before but I have always really wanted to. We got there as the doors opened and I couldn't believe how big the event was! I have been to caravan and craft shows in the past but nothing as full and busy!

There were many samples and freebies to try from many retailers, some that I have never heard of! As well as Sainsbury's and ASDA kitchens cooking meals.

We spend about 4-5 hours at the show and decided we would just walk round for a couple of hours before purchasing, as we would have to carry these all day. As we got into the building we were given goodie bags from Udis, this consisted of a couple of promotional leaflets, coupons and a box of gluten free pop tart style pastries, unfortunately James did not get a box in his bag.

Throughout the day we spoke to many companies and found some new foods to try.

Many items were on a good offer so I couldn't resist! here is a rundown of what I brought and the prices:

  • Udis Chocolate Chip & Toffee Muffins - £1
  • Peppersmith mints, 3 lemon and 3 original -  6 for £5
  • Wellabys pitta chips in italina herb and olive - 4 for £1
  • Ten Arce crisps, Variety of flavours - 5 for £3
  • B Free Fajita Kit - £2
  • Helens Pastry and Chocolate Cupcake Mix - 2 for £4
  • Angelic sweet and savoury biscuits - Mix and Match 3 for £5 or £5.50?
  • Pizza flavour crisp bread and natural lemon chocolate bar - £5

There was also many samples and freebies, I had eaten so many samples I thought I was going to burst!

The items I took away free were:

  • Two packets of granola
  • One Pure Bred Mini Muffin 
  • Two ASDA bars
  • Udis Toaster Pastries

I also received £17 worth of coupons to use in the supermarket as well as many percentage off coupon codes for websites. Most have pretty long dates so I can stay stocked up!

Reviews of all items will be coming soon! Particularly on Angelic, I think they were the stand out company of the day!

Hannah x

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