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What I ate Wednesday - Tesco Free From Angel Slices

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Angel Slices were always my cake of choice with the soft sponge and sweet icing. Nothing was better than opening that little plastic packet from Mr Kipling!

Tesco have released their own version of a free from angel slice, which I tried at the Free From show, I purchased some from Tesco with the next weekly show and was not disappointed.

On appearance the Tesco angel slice has a subtle colouring compared to a Mr Kipling slice, the slice is also slightly bigger, which is not always a bad thing! The icing is of similar style, the yellow cake base with pink stripes and the white icing in the centre.

The sponge is a light bouncy texture and sweet, very much like a mainstream angel slice. They are not in any way dry or powdery. There is no aftertaste present and overall is a good quality sponge.

The icing is sweet, smooth and slightly crisp, but nothing is too overly sweet.


  • Only £1.80 for a pack of 5 
  • The sponge is very soft
  • Sweet icing 
  • No aftertaste


  • I tend to want to eat the whole pack!
Quite a quick review today!

Hannah x 

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