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Foodie Friday! - My New Favourite Snack

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I have posted many times about my love of sweet treats I have come across, but today I am going to talk about a savoury snack I am in love with. Believe it or not I actually enjoy savoury food much more than sweet! Crisps are most definitely my downfall as you all know. I just don't find many savoury treats to talk about as many gluten free foods are sweet as they replace the flour!

One of the items in particular which I will be talking about was actually the second gluten free item I ever brought over a year ago, I promise its not the same box! These are the DS gluten free crispbread.

The best way to describe the texture of this product is that they are like a rice crispy version of a Ryvita! They are long and thin, with a crispy dry texture. The dry texture is comparable to a rice cake, which makes them perfect contrast for a rich smooth peanut butter.

I used regular Tesco peanut butter as the less fat/sugar varieties I feel are never quite the same and if I can read and understand all the ingredients on the back I'm happy! So this is what I use, I do not like crunchy but I would assume this would be just a tasty for those who enjoy it!

I normally take two crisp breads and share about a tablespoon of peanut butter between them, you could even add some cucumber on top, trust me, its good!

Why not give it a go!

Hannah x

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