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My Warburtons Newburn Bakehouse #CrumpetChallenge Hamper*

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On Monday I received a very exciting package from Newburn bakehouse inviting me to partake in their #Crumpetchallenge this February! When they reached out saying they were sending a hamper to me to get creative with their crumpets, I just couldn't wait to see what would be inside and what I could create out of it!

When I opened the package it was all in a lovely wicker basket and I found lots of lovely goodies! Here's what was in my hamper!

Of course the foremost item in this box was a pack of the gluten free crumpets! There was also a voucher to get another pack so they don't expire, an avocado and a banana!

The next thing that caught my attention was a raspberry and vanilla jam from the Hawkshead Relish Company, which in all honestly sounds like something I would eat straight from the jar! I love raspberry jams and vanilla flavoured anything so I think this would be perfect for me! There was also a lemon curd inside the hamper which is also one of my favourite preserves. James loves lemon curd too so I am sure he will have a few ideas for this!

There is also a sun-dried tomato paste by Epicure. Crumpet pizzas come to mind straight away with this but I am also going to try and find something a bit different to do with it too!

The last and if not the best item was the hand stamped butter knife. I actually have a small collection of hand stamped spoons and items as a lady who lives near my parents does it! She even made me 'I Can't Say I Do Without You' keyring's with our wedding date for my bridal party crackers. This extra gift is completely me and I love it so much!

Thank you Warburtons Newburn Bakehouse for such a lovely hamper and I can't wait to share the ideas I create over the next few weeks!

Hannah x

*These products were sent to me to try, all content and opinions are my own 

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