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Rule of Crumb Friday Fakeaway - Fish and Chips

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It is not a secret that I absolutely love Rule of Crumb. I find the quality of their food exceptional and my fiancé will happily eat all of their food and not complain that it's gluten free, in fact their goujons are his favourite regardless of gluten or not!

I was fancying a takeaway on Friday, but with no chips shops near me doing gluten free on Fridays, I thought I'd just make it at home from what I have in the freezer. I had bought the Rule of Crumb fish fingers from Ocado a couple of weeks back so I thought I'd give them a go!

Retailing at £2.75, you receive 10 in a box which I found to be great because although the quality of the Rule of Crumb products are by far the best, not just for gluten free, this can increase the price making them a more occasional treat. Having a lower price point than other free from fish fingers but a larger quantity, these fish fingers are very competitive in the free from fish finger market. These are a great option if you want to try the quality of Rule of Crumb but are usually put off by the higher prices.

Cooked in the oven for 25 minutes, these fish fingers crisp up perfectly and are golden and very succulent. The cod inside is very flakey and moist. I have tried many gluten free fish fingers and in comparison I feel the fish content in these is much higher than the others. Three fish fingers are only about 165 calories too so are perfect for adults and children alike and I found this to be quite a good portion size!

Paired with mushy peas, chips and ketchup I found I had created the perfect fake-away, without breaking the bank too! James thinks they would be perfect as a fish finger sandwich too!

Hannah x

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