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1 2 3 Gluten Free Banana Pan Bars

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Is it just me who always gets a couple of bananas left at the bottom of the fruit bowl which start to look a bit sorry for themselves? It doesn't matter how many or few I seem to buy, I never eat bananas quick enough. Being someone who hates waste, I decided to come up with something so that I did not waste them this time. This is when the 123 Gluten Free Pan Cake mix from Make it Gluten Free Ltd came to mind!

This spiced cake mix is intended to be created to a flavouring of your choice, whether that is carrot, courgette, apple or any other fruit/veg, this mix will make almost any cake! Of course I thought this would be perfect for my bananas!

For this mix all I needed was mashed banana, an egg, oil and water. There is a couple of advised recipes on the back of the box and which recipes work best for which substitutes, so if you take a look you should find advice on the fruit/veg that you choose!

This cake took about 30-40 minutes to bake in the oven and I just made sure it was golden brown. After letting the cake cool for a few minutes, I took a couple of slices out to try. Like most oil based cakes I found that it was very moist. I did think the combination of banana and oil may create a stodgy consistency when baked but thankfully it didn't, in fact the cake was very fluffy! I also found that the flavours of the cinnamon in the mix and banana worked well together, they were even and there wasn't one that overpowered the other, it was a good even bake!

You can purchase this mix from the Make it Gluten Free website for £3.50 and it makes a huge batch so I think it is fantastic value and so versatile to have in the cupboard just in case!

I would love to know if you have used this mix with anything else and how it turned out!

Hannah x

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