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Warburtons Newburn Bakehouse #CrumpetChallenge - Crumpet Cream Tea

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If you asked me what reminds me most of summers in my childhood, I would have to say visiting a National Trust House or Gardens and my grandparents ordering a cream tea in the cafe. They were often so huge that we shared one between the three of us! Raspberry jam, although not conventional, is my favourite jam to have with a cream tea, mainly because I can't always eat strawberry's, but also because I like the crunch of the pips! 

Seeing the Raspberry and Vanilla Jam in my hamper brought back those memories as I tend to associate vanilla with a creamy taste, so I thought it would go perfect with a bit of clotted cream and I just had to try it on the crumpets! 

So, I very simply toasted the crumpets for a couple of minutes and served them with the Hawkshead Relish Company's Raspberry and Vanilla Jam and some Clotted cream. Perfect for a late lunch or evening tea after a Sunday Roast! 

I personally thought that the crumpets worked as a fantastic replacement for a scone! Gluten free scones can be very dry and crumbly, whereas the crumpets are not, which means half your jam and cream doesn't end up covering you as parts of the scone fall apart!

I made this for myself and James and when I presented it to James he wasn't too sure of the idea of a cream tea without a scone. Nevertheless, he gave it a go and thoroughly enjoyed it! Even the gluten free crumpet and he is a gluten lover, much to my despair! So, to get a super positive reaction from him is really great!

I would love to know if you try this and what you think! 

Hannah x 

*Some products in this post were sent to me to try, all recipes, ideas and opinions are my own.   

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