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Morrisons Gluten Free Haul

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My local Morrisons had a refit recently and with that came a whole free from aisle, including a fridge and a freezer! From Jus Rol pastry to garlic bread and packet mixes, they now have it all! I previously found that Morrisons were the weakest for free from foods in my area (although their choc chip cookies have always been to die for!). But now I would say that they are even better than Ocado!

Here's what I got!

Schar Chicken Kiev - £2.97
I have tried the Rule of Crumb ones before so we decided to pick these ones up to see how they compare!

Morrisons Free From Hash Brown Bites - £1
I know most hash browns are gluten free anyway, but bite sized anything is always fun and for £1, I didn't think they were bad value for money for the size of the bag!

Morrisons Free From Curly Fries  - £1
These are the product I am most excited about! I used to love curly fries and I've yet to find any gluten free ones!

Schar Pain au Chocolat - £3
I have yet to try these either and as you get 4 in a bag for £3 I thought that they were better value than the Genius ones, so hopefully they taste as good!

Richmond Gluten Free Sausage - £2
Richmond used to be one of my favourite brands of sausage as they are so versatile as they have no strong seasoning, so when I saw they started doing gluten free ones and that the pack was reduced to £1.60, I just had to get a pack for the freezer!

Genius White Toastie Bread - £2.70
I have had this loaf many times before, it is perfect for a bacon sandwich, toast or creating finger sandwiches on an afternoon tea.

Genius Breakfast Bakes - £1.94
This is the latest product release from Genius. I love breakfast bites as a snack so I thought I would give the chocolate ones a go!

Bannisters Farm Potato skins - £1 per pack
We love these as a quick lunch so when they were on offer I just had to get a couple of packs.

Unfortunately I really wanted to try the Schar burger buns, but they had sold out!

Hannah x

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