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Delicious Alchemy Gluten Free Brown Bread Mix

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Since being gifted a new food mixer I have desperately wanted to try baking a loaf of bread using it! So I dug out the Delicious Alchemy brown bread mix from my packet mix box and thought I would give it go. Being a fan of their white bread I baked previously, I thought that this would be the best one to try it with as previously I was mixing them by hand and I wanted to see the difference!

For this mix you only need vegetable oil and water, so things that are in everyones cupboards really! For this recipe all you do is pop the mix, oil and water in the mixer and put it on a medium speed for 2.5 minutes. Then use a spatula to remove from edges and then mix again for 2.5 minutes on a medium speed.

Once that has been done, pop in a loaf tin and prove for 20 minutes. Bake for 80 minutes and you're done!

This pack retails at £2.49 and created a reasonable size crispy loaf. I tend to find that freshly baked bread always tastes better than a pre bought loaf, so although after adding the other ingredients and cooking this mix is on the pricier side for gluten free bread, I find that fresh baked taste cannot be beaten!

Although the loaf doesn't create huge slices, texturally it's fantastic, it holds together well and doesn't fall apart as you cut it. I find that sometimes a loaf you have to cut can be a bit more crumbly so I'm glad this one wasn't as I hate ending up with a pile of crumbs! Two slices were only around 110 calories too!

My favourite meal I created with this bread was avocado on toast with smoked salmon, although it was very basic this bread is perfect for this! All I do is toast the bread, smash avocado, black pepper, salt and chilli fakes on the top, add salmon and add a bit more pepper on top! Simple quick healthy brunch!

I would love to know if you have tried this mix and what you thought of it!

Hannah x

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