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Reduced Gluten Free Tesco Haul

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I think the January health kick has hit the Tesco near me, as all the naughty gluten free treats seem to be reduced! I'm not one to jump on the band wagon ... in other words I don't mind being a fatty! I picked up everything that everyone else is clearly trying to avoid at the minute!

So, what did I get?

Mcvities Gluten Free Chocolate Hobnobs
I'm not too sure why these were reduced as they are best before May! I love these though so when I saw that they were double reduced to half price at £1.10 a packet, I picked up the last one! I'm just hoping that Tesco carry on stocking these and it wasn't a sign of them being discontinued!

Hale & Hearty Honey Bee Cereal Bar & Hale & Hearty Coco Jungle Cereal Bar
These too were double reduced to make them half price! I have never had these before but I always thought they look intriguing! The bars are only 83/93 calories and have quinoa in them. They are also egg free and non GMO. The only downside I see is that they are really high in sugar, but as a sweet treat I don't mind too much!

Have you spotted some free from deals in your supermarket isles? I'd love to know!

Hannah x

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