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Gluten Free Sunshine Supper - Using up leftover roast Chicken

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Ever had that one meal as a kid where you just can't wait until your mum served it that evening? Well sunshine supper is mine. Thank goodness I can still eat it!

This is the quickest, easiest recipe and is super cheap to make too. I had to buy chargrilled chicken this time but it's best on a Monday night with the left over roasted chicken from the Sunday roast. The great thing about this recipe is a typical pack of rice serves two people and depending on how much meat you like in a dish, you can make this as meaty or as not meaty as you want as the ingredients do not need to be measured!

For two people you will need:

Roasted chicken
Bacon Lardons
One pack Golden rice - This can be any gluten free brand you want, my Mum used to use Bachelors, but this does have a may contain warning, so it is down to your own digression what you use! Uncle Ben's microwave pack and Birdseye steam bags are both gluten free and have no warning on the pack if you are unsure where to start looking!

Cook the bacon lardons in a frying pan whilst also cooking the frankfurters in a pan of water as well as the golden rice as per instructions.

Cut the frankfurters into chunks and place in a large bowl with the cooked chicken, bacon and the cooked rice. Mix and serve.

To serve to more people, just increase the amount of rice and add extra bacon, chicken and frankfurters. This recipe is very popular with kids as it similar to a paella just without such strong flavours and a slightly drier texture.

To add a twist you can always add some sliced mushroom in with the bacon when cooking to add something more if you'd like to use less meat. I really enjoy this but my fiancé isn't a fan of mushroom so I didn't add it this time!

Hannah x

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