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Warburtons Sweet Chilli Cracker Thins

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Before realising I had to live by a gluten free diet, one of my go to lunches was Ryvita thins with vegetable batons, houmous, cheese and lettuce. Unfortunately those thins are now out of the question but whilst browsing in sainsbury's the other week I stumbled across these thins by Warburtons.

I have a very love hate relationship with Warburtons gluten free range, when things are good they are great but when its bad it's terrible, which is unfortunate but I never let that put me off trying something new from them. For a brand which are not 100% focused on gluten free living I feel many of their products are impressive.

This product is most definitely one of the hits of the range. The texture of the these thins have a great snap to them and considering how thin and long these are they are quite durable as none of them were broken which really surprised me as the mainstream alternative always had cracked ones in the box.

These have a great flavour, the sweet chilli is not too overpowering and the slight heat builds over time which I enjoy as I do not like a very spicy flavour to my food and this way I know when it will get too overpowering for me.

These are great with houmous as the warm of the chilli combined with the creamy texture and cool flavour of the houmous makes a pleasant experience. But then again I think I could eat houmous with anything!!

This box has made it's way into my work desk draw so I can nibble on them as and when I fancy a snack style lunch and at 25 calories each they won't break the dieting bank. I have seen on the box that there is also a blue cheese flavour so I am now on a hunt for those!

Hannah x

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