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Caffe Nero - Coconut & Raspberry Slice

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After saying I do not get to Caffe Nero nearly enough, I have found myself in there again! That's twice in seven days!

Whilst picking up one of my favourite drinks in Caffe Nero, I saw this slice by the till. I just had to give it a go. I thought that this was a very interesting product as it is quite different to the cakes that you would normally find as the gluten free alternatives in coffee shops.

This slice has around 250-300 calories (I looked but forgot to note it down) and retails for £1.65, which is on a par with their regular slices, so no extra charge for gluten free!

This is the most interesting thing I have eaten in a long time and I left was questioning how something like this could possibly be gluten free. This slice had a base very similar to short bread which was layered with a raspberry jam, then topped with coconut which I believe was slightly toasted. This slice was very crumbly but this was down to the coconut and not the actual biscuit base.

The combined textures of the softer biscuit base, the thick sticky jam and the dry crumbly coconut made this slice stand out from the crowd. It is very unique and I wish more places would offer something similar.

There is a very sophisticated taste to this product as the coconut gives the ordinary raspberry flavour a lift. Coconut is not found in many free from products as a flavouring so this also adds to the uniqueness of this product. The raspberry is very sweet and is toned down by the coconut. The biscuit base has no strong taste meaning no element is overpowered by another.

On reflection of all the other coffee shop cakes that I've tried, I think this must be my favourite!

Hannah x

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