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Amy's Kitchen - Gluten Free Chinese Noodles & Veggie's

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It's getting much closer to Christmas! Which means fair season is starting, which also means rushing around more so quick meals are needed! So, my freezer is stocked up with a lot of Amy's Kitchen meals. I will always turn to these ready meals as they are the most natural gluten free ready meals I believe you will find in the supermarkets.

From frozen, Amy's Kitchen meals take around 40 minutes in the oven or about 6 minutes in the microwave depending on which meal. As I've said before most of the meals I have tried in the oven taste so much better but they are still incredibly tasty from the microwave.

Granted this meal does not look the most appetising in my picture but I think this has fast become my new favourite ready meal. This meal retails for £3.49 at and  contains 490 calories, which for those calorie counters I think is a good balance for dinner.

There is a great mix of vegetables in this meal and this is one of the reasons as to why I love Amy's kitchen meals so much, they actually feel healthy, substantial and filling. I think it would be hard to find many other ready meals in general that contain the same amount of veg, particularly for the price.

The flavour that really stands out to me is the nutty sauce, which to me tastes like peanut butter, but I do believe it is actually cashew and sesame seeds. Either way I love anything that tastes nutty and this is a very unique sauce to find in a gluten free meal, it's not the typical safe cheesy or tomato sauce, and I really appreciate that as sometimes eating similar meals can get very tedious.

The noodles are very soft in texture and so are the vegetables as they have essentially been steamed in the microwave. This brings the flavours out nicely and all elements of the dish compliment each other perfectly.

Availability of this product is the only drawback, I have yet to see these in store, and I live in an area where all the major supermarkets have very large shops. I buy these on, which is my go to when I cannot find gluten free food that I have yet to discover in store, so bare this in mind and I would recommend trying online to find some of these specialist foods, particularly Tesco if you have a depot near as they do have an amazing range of products.

All I need now is to find some gluten free spring rolls and prawn tempura!

Hannah x

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