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Udis - Blueberry Breakfast Bar

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For a brand that I hadn't seen much of until the Free From Show that I attended, I have recently seen Udis explode into all my local shops, perhaps I wasn't really looking before!

So, when I found these breakfast bars, I thought I would give these a try as you don't really see much of this type of product in the free from market. The box contains 5 reasonably sized bars, just watch out as the packaging is much larger than the product so it is slightly misleading, however the bar sizes are more than adequate. A box will cost you £3 in Tesco, meaning that these bars are 60p each which is not bad value for this type of free from product. The other great thing about these bars is that they actually have printed packets! So they won't end up in a shared cupboard with me being unsure whether they're my gluten free bars or my families regular ones.

These bars are around 150 calories each and the box claims that they are high in fibre. I actually eat these as a snack either mid morning or during the afternoon depending on how I feel. These bars are quite filling and keep me tied over until my next meal. I only allow myself to have one 'naughty' (not fruit or veg) snack a day during the week unless I'm really craving a sweet treat. These seem to do the trick and it's much better nutritionally than tucking into a chocolate bar!

The flavour of this bar is most interesting and 'grown up' in taste as the blueberry jam is very tart, however, the baked biscuit is quite sweet in comparison. The contrast causes the most pleasant and complex flavour, this makes the bar feel like a treat which would cost you much more calorie wise than it actually does.

The bar itself is very soft and almost bouncy in texture, very much like how the mainstream equivalent are. The jam's texture is very thick and more like the consistency of a paste rather than a jelly, this works well with the bar as otherwise it may seem a bit slimy when compared to the soft texture of the biscuit.

These blueberry breakfast bars also go great with a cup of coffee and are perfect for work after the mad rush first thing in the morning!

Hannah x

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