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Norwich - My Gluten Free Weekend

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Every October/November James and I travel somewhere in the UK and spend the whole weekend shopping, eating and finding local tourist attractions. This weekend away was no different!

We spent most of our time in the shops and watching some fireworks in the centre of Norwich. Did you know they have a mustard shop?

When we checked in on Friday we were told about a firework display that can be seen in the centre of the city so we decided to see what was near to eat. James fancied having a pizza and we found that Pizza Hut have a gluten free base so nipped in there.

I started with the unlimited salad and then went for a margarita pizza, I think that the base of the pizza hut pizza has the best texture and taste of all the ones I have tried so far.

After the fireworks we popped into M&S to get some crisps, chocolate and drinks to have with the  film we were watching.

Saturday we had a cooked buffet at the hotel for breakfast which had all the aspects you'd expect from a breakfast.

This amazing cake was from No. 33, which is a little cafe I saw on other's youtube videos, mainly Tanya Burr's. This is the gluten free raspberry and chocolate cake which I could not believe was gluten free, it was incredible!

Dinner for Saturday we hit GBK who have the larger gluten free menu I have ever seen! I had a classic beef burger, the taste and texture of burger was fantastic. I had a 'Homeslaw' on the side side, which had a vinaigrette instead of mayo.

Eating out gluten free has got much easier and it was good to see so many gluten free menus!

Hannah x

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