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Christmas at Costa

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I first saw these wraps when I was away in Norwich, which was the weekend Christmas had launched in Costa, how exciting! However I only just got around to trying one on Friday, but it was well worth the wait!

If anyone knows me, they know Christmas sandwiches are my favourite part about christmas. Left over turkey, bacon, brie, cranberries. You name it, I love it in a wrap, sandwich or toastie. 

So when I found out there was a gluten free Christmas option, I could have cried with excitement. This is really not an exaggeration, as I love all aspects of Christmas! I believe I paid around £3.50 for this wrap, which is a pretty standard price for any food at a coffee shop, making this very good value for a gluten free product.

At 360 calories this makes a nice light lunch considering it tastes like it should really be a naughty treat. 

This wrap contained turkey, bacon, cranberry sauce, mayo and lettuce. I have found that this is very similar to their regular wrap (see review here) as chicken and turkey are both white meats, but as they are my favourites I really enjoyed this. However there is a twist of having the pop of extra flavour with the sweet cranberry sauce and salty bacon, giving the wrap a much needed Christmassy twist!

My only negative thought to this product was that only one half of my wrap had bacon in it! Obviously this review is based just on the one I've eaten so far, so I may find that the others I eat are evenly filled with bacon. I hope so!

Nevertheless Costa's recent gluten free efforts have not gone unnoticed,  I among many others really do appreciate the fact that there are now bread based products in coffee shops for the gluten free market.

We can now all do a gluten free dance for joy together for being more included with the festive season's snacks!

Now all I need to do is find some gluten free twiglets...

Hannah x

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