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Cafe Nero - Gluten Free Ham Salad Roll

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Whilst away this weekend I have seen gluten free sandwiches and wraps in tons of coffee shops. Costa and Starbucks have new christmas wraps and Nero are not missing out!

As Nero is much less accessible to me unless I go into town, I picked one up to have for my lunch.

The roll was £3.50 to take away which I didn't think was a bad price considering it is a Genius roll and that coffee shops tend to charge a little bit more for food. Overall this roll really really impressed me as it was packed with ham, mayo and salad, there was a good mix of lettuce, tomato and cucumber.

We know how much I love genius bread and the rolls are no different, this I believe was the seeded roll, which I have not tried before, I tend to buy brown or white as I find seeded isn't often in stock, so it makes a nice change to try something I can't always get hold of.

I brought this the day before so the best before was the previous day by the time I ate it (living on the edge here!). This roll was prefect for me as it was very reminiscent of a roll I would make myself. Like many gluten free wraps I feel they are very conscious to make them an everyday type of filling, this way it will make it more universal and liked by most but also it means they are never heavy in calories, so if you are caught without lunch you don't feel you have to splurge on something high calorie.

The flavours were great, and worked really well together as it is a classic combination, the roll was very light but filling and I felt that it was the perfect amount for lunch.

My only complaint with this product is that the tomato made a section of the roll very soggy and by the nature of gluten free bread this turns the bread sticky, I tend to describe the texture as if you powdered rice and cooked it, this is what it would resemble. However this is something that I think will only occur if you ate it next day, like myself.

I genuinely cannot contain my excitement for all the gluten free sandwich choices coming out in the coffee shops and I'm extra excited to try all the Christmas ones as it's my favourite time of year!

Hannah x

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