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B-Free - Multigrain Wraps

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I love wraps and when I had the B-Free wraps as part of a fajita kit I knew I would want these again, they are unlike any other gluten free wrap I have had before as firstly they are not rectangle, but they are also much thiner, more like a genuine wrap. 

Everyone knows my love for the Warburtons wraps, as they are delicious, but you cannot fool yourself into thinking they are identical to a mainstream wrap, nor can you with the B-free for that matter but with the mix of both you could, obviously you cannot eat them together but with a little compromising you get the best of both worlds. For that fluffier softer taste you tend to get from a wrap, I opt for Warburtons, and when I want a thiner texture (or lower calorie) I go for a B-Free wrap, so together I get everything I would want. 

This wraps has a flour mix which contains buckwheat, teff, corn, maize and by the looks of it some potato so this mean it should be relatively high fibre because of the wide range of gains and ingredients. These wraps are gluten, wheat, dairy, egg and nut free so I imagine almost everyone can safely eat them, which is a big plus when potentially catering to a variety of diets. At only 99 calories a wrap it is a very low calorie alternative to many bread products, it instantly halves the calories of a two slice of bread sandwich! 

The texture of these wraps is very very thin and are much less flexible than a typical wrap but they are very pleasant to eat, to soften these I make up the wrap for work the day before and pop it in the fridge, this lets the mayo I use soften them and make them just like a mainstream version. Heating these wraps also softens them, but I will warn you in advance, only warm what you know you are going to use as they go hard when they have cooled.

At the free from show the B-Free stand cooked these to make chips, although I've never tried doing this myself I could have tried to crisp up those one I let go hard, so they are a very versatile product. 

As you can imagine there isn't too much flavour to these wraps, which makes them perfect for filling with whatever you like, they leave no odd aftertaste and are overall a good bread plain bread product to use for lunches or dinners. 

I love these wraps and how you can use them in different ways as well as for different meals, from lunchtime wraps, dinner fajitas and tortilla chips these wraps will work for you.  Lets face it, anything that lets me buy more guacamole is a hit for me!

I would love to know what you like to eat with wraps!

Hannah x 

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