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Natures Store Mini Review - White chocolate and caramel rice cakes

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Rice cakes are a perfect at the desk snack and whoever at Natures Store thought up white chocolate and caramel certainly needs a pay rise! I find than rice cakes are always filling whether they are sweet or savoury and these ones really hit the spot when I am after a sweeter one!

A pack of six can retail from £1-£2 depending on the retailer but are available from Natures store's website for £1.70. There is only 82 calories per cake so is great as an afternoon snack!

The rice cake itself is about 1cm thick and has a thin layer of the white chocolate caramel. There is just enough chocolate to cover and give a good flavour but not over powering. Quite sweet in flavour, this is certainly for those with a major sweet tooth.

I thought I would bullet point my initial views on them, as lets face it, with rice cakes other than their flavouring, do not vary too much! It tends to be what they are coated in, or flavoured with that makes them stand our from the crowd!


  • Under 100 calories per snack.
  • Good flavour, tastes more like a chocolate bar than a rice snack.
  • Available online and in Tesco stores. 
  • Only 15p-35p per portion depending on offers and where you buy.
  • Only available in packs of six, would be great if they were also available in the snack packs Natures Store have the regular chocolate rice cakes in. 
  • Not always in stock in store, so often I have to order them online. 
If you see these in Tesco, or are already ordering on Natures Store's website, I would say to give these a go and pop them in your basket as they are really sweet treat with such a unique flavour for a rice cake but are not hugely calorific!

Hannah x 

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