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Make it Gluten Free Haul*

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Last week I began to follow Make it Gluten Free on Twitter when I discovered them through a competition that was giving away some of their packet mixes that they stock and I thought it looked like something I would really enjoy. So when they reached out to me to try some bits I couldn't believe my luck!

Being imported from the USA they stock some mixes you just would not find easily in the UK market.  A range of cakes, muffins, pancakes, waffles and breads can be found on the Make it Gluten Free website. All products are free from gluten, non-GMO, kosher and free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, which is fab as other than my sweet treats, I like to keep things as clean and as basic as possible in terms of ingredients on a daily basis. Make it Gluten free are registered with Coeliac UK and in the 2016 food directory if you wanted to take a look!

So what did I receive?

Simple Mills - Banana Muffin Mix - £4.75
If you know me personally you would know that I love bananas in baking and food! I add it on top of honey, Nutella, peanut butter and golden syrup on toast, not altogether mind! My go to snack in the colder months is banana and custard, so it just made sense that banana muffins would be for me! The mix itself does not need a banana added but suggests to add one if you would like it more "banana-y" but I think I may do that after trying it as a basic recipe first!

Simple Mills - Pizza Dough Mix - £4.75
This mix creates two 8" pizzas so I think I am going to save this for when James and I have a movie night with handmade pizzas! What could be better? We are both fans of more flavoursome pizzas and gluten free pizzas do not tend to come in many flavours, so why not make your own!

1.2.3 Gluten Free - Brownie Mix - £3.50
Brownie mixes seem to be a staple in most gluten free brands product range, but I really enjoy brownies, so I like to try them all from all different brands! The basic mix only needs 4 eggs and some butter but does give optional suggestions of toffee bits, chocolate chips and nuts... I personally think it would be rude not to throw some of these in! I love a chunky brownie and I may see how much this mix makes and I am thinking of doing a smaller fully loaded batch and just a small plain recipe batch out of one mix, as it does say it makes 2x more than other brands on the front!

1.2.3 Gluten Free - Pan Bar Mix - £3.50
This is by far the most interesting mix I was sent, it has the ability to become courgette bars, banana bars (YUM!), pumpkin bars, apple bars, carrot cake bars or even sweet potato ones, making this extremely versatile to have in the cupboard! As much as I want to make banana bars or carrot cake out of this mix, I think I will end up making courgette cake as it is my Fianc├ęs favourite, but we will see!

I would love to know if any of these mixes have got your tastebuds tingling and if you are going to give any a go too!

Hannah x

*These products were sent to me to try, all opinions are my own

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