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Small Tesco Haul

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As I left swimming, I popped into Tesco. I am very much a fan of the thought of Miranda Hart's cake-ercise, leaving the gym the same weight you entered! So when wandering through Tesco here's some of the sweet treats I picked up.

Popchips -£1
As they were only £1 and I love this flavour, I picked it up to portion to take to work, as they are only 97 calories per portion. They are not pictured as I forgot before I portioned it up!

Nutribix - £3.75
Jeez, these are quite pricey but were the main reason I visited Tesco. My local Sainsbury's has the worst free from section known to man, so I tend to have to hunt around a bit! (They haven't had gluten free wraps since before Christmas). These are meant to be just like Weetabix, which is clearly something we can't enjoy. I am hoping that Nutribix will be just the same and so much so I may be able to make chocolate easter nests from them!

Udis chocolate wafer/ Udis lemon wafer - £1.50 per pack
This was the impulse purchase of the trip! I saw they were half price and I am hoping they are a lower calorie sweet treat, as I have got a very fitted dress for my party in two weeks, so I am watching the calories a little! I love lemon flavoured sundaes/ice-cream and sweets so these are something I am really looking forward to, and as it was half price, why not try the chocolate ones as well!

Have you picked anything new recently and looking forward to trying it?

Hannah x

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