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Mrs Crimble's Birthday Haul*

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It was my 21st on the 16th, so the wonderful people at Mrs Crimble's sent me a little hamper of goodies to try! When the box arrived I couldn't believe how generous they have been. I have a big mix of all sorts to try!

I think I will go from savoury to sweet to not get too confusing! So here's what I got!

Cheese Straws
Made with puff pastry, these are one of the only ready to eat gluten free cheese straws I have seen! You can also heat them to have that lovely warm crisp flakey pastry taste. A box contains 6 and retails for £1.99 which I do agree is a considerable amount more than the mainstream counterpart, however, unless you want to be in the kitchen for hours, these are a perfect snack or quick addition to a buffet. I very much look forward to trying these as I love cheese and pastry and at only 90 calories each, they make a great snack!

Fusilli with a Cheese and White Wine Sauce & Fusilli with a Rich Tomato and Mediterranean Herb Sauce
Another hard to find product in the free from market. Comparable to a mug shot style pasta packet, these are 100% gluten free and fab for on the go. It recommends that these can serve one as a meal or two as a side. But at around 400 calories per whole pack, this seems it would be a very filling meal, which isn't too calorific. You could even add some veg and chicken or bacon if you wanted to! Ready in just 10 minutes, this will be perfect on those days when you barely have time to eat. These flavours seem so versatile too and with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, these seem they would be great for children. These packs retail at around £1.99 each

Hot Chilli Cheese Crackers
Something I know I love is the Mrs Crimble's cheese crackers, I have repurchased them multiple times, but never have I seen the hot chilli ones! At 82 calories per 4 crackers these are great to have with some laughing cow light as a snack or even as a meal as part of ploughman's style dinner. I am just hoping these are not too too hot! This box is only £2.09 so is great value of a whole box!

Classic Madeleine & Chocolate Madeleine with a Choc Filling
These were the item I was searching for originally, unfortunately they are currently not in stock online, which I have been told is the only outlet to buy this product from. Each pack contains 6 wrapped cakes and retail at £2.50 per bag, which is incredible value for a gluten free product and isn't too different in price to branded mainstream equivalent. Made in France, these are marketed as being authentic, which if the taste and texture lives up to those, I'll be very happy, particularly as they are only around 130 calories each!

Cereal bar - Banana - Apricot and Sultana - Cherries and Berries
Another Mrs Crimble's product I haven't seen locally, my stores are not the best at getting in a good mix of products so I do have to resort to online shopping to find new things! Each bar is 150 calories, so again is not too bad for a snack or even breakfast on the go. These flavours sound amazing and at only 89p a bar, they are also well priced. Packed with bright colours, you can really see the fruits in these bars and are lovely and chewy feeling!

6  Large Coconut Macaroons
These are a firm favourite in my house in the summer, I typically buy the ones that have the dipped chocolate bottoms, as this is all I find stocked locally. So to try the plain ones is something that really interests me, again below the 150 calorie mark per portion means that these are not too bad for a snack! Coconut is one of my favourite flavours, so I can't get enough of these!

Special Edition 6  Large Coconut Macaroons with Stem Ginger
I have a post going up later in the week on some ginger biscuits dipped in chocolate I have fallen in love with, so combining ginger, chocolate and coconut could only mean great things! So I am sure there will a blog post raving about this product!

Thank you Mrs Crimble's for your generous Birthday gift! I can't wait to tuck in!

Hannah x

*These products were sent to me to try, all opinions are my own 

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