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Angelic - Chocolate Chip Oat Biscuits

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Angelic was the first stand I hunted down at the London Free From and Allergy show last summer, which wasn't too hard as they were right by the door! I was looking to buy a few items from the range, particularly the individually wrapped biscuits with a good date, they have lasted until now and have been great for work!

At the show I think they were in the region of 2 for £5 so I stocked up but I am sure depending on where you shop prices will vary and you may find a deal just as good. The box contains 5 twin packs, which is perfect for either one adult or to share between a couple of children, making them the perfect handbag snack. Particularly as they are only 65 calories per biscuit!

Made in scotland, these biscuits are gluten, egg and dairy free, so I assume they would be perfect for vegans too! They are also 100% natural and a source of fibre. Oats also are known for keeping you fuller for longer which is better than the quick hit you get from a chocolate bar.

The biscuit itself is the typical crisp, crunchy, drier consistency, identical to all the Angelic biscuits. This is something I love about Angelic, the fact that you know that each base cookie, regardless of flavouring is made to the same standard. So if you know you like the base taste and texture of Angelic, all you have to do is choose the flavours that are for you!

Beautifully rich, this dairy free chocolate has lot of flavour, on appearance it is questionable how chocolatey they would be as there wasn't many chips, but they are so flavoursome. They really stand on their own! Perfect with a cup of black coffee or hot chocolate, these biscuits are so versatile and the oats add such a lovely flavour as well as texture. I feel that these biscuits would be suitable for all ages, as although the chocolate is rich, the proportions are perfect to give plenty of flavour without overpowering.

I find that these individual packs that the free from companies are producing are fantastic, so it pleased me back when I saw Angelic were doing the same. The only drawback to the Angelic brand is unless I want to order them online, the show is really the only place I can find a good range, as my local Holland & Barret's stores are quite small and do not hold may options in stock. For those I know who don't use the internet, this makes getting hold of them a little tricky! But hopefully as the demand grows, my Holland and Barret may stock more, and who knows Angelic may pop up in supermarkets one day!

Hannah x

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